Students will be selected on merit according to demonstrated mathematical potential.

Applications for September 2024
Admissions are now closed. Please check the admission app for updates including invites to the aptitude test.

1. Apply

From the 19th of October, there will be a link on the CMS website for applications.

You’ll also need to send us your predicted grades.

2. Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests will take place around the end of January or the start of February. 

If you pass the aptitude test you’ll be invited to an interview.

3. Interview

Interviews will be held in February. In the interview, we’ll ask you to solve a problem with the guidance of a teacher and talk to you about why you want to study with us.

4. Conditional Offer

Conditional offers will be given to all applicants who meet the threshold.

5. Firm Offer

We will send out firm offers after results are confirmed in August.

CMS Aptitude Test

What does the test involve?

Our admissions aptitude test is designed to test your mathematical thinking, rather than just the depth of your knowledge. It will only cover GCSE Mathematics content. The full content can be found on the specification. We have produced a specimen paper in advance to help you prepare. You can find this below. 

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the specimen paper before the aptitude test.


Our admissions test for September 2024 entry will take place in 3rd February 2024. 

  • Please note: Student scripts from the Aptitude Test will be kept for 3 months from when offers are made and at least until the end of June of that academic year.

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