Cambridge Maths School wants to help everyone love maths and enjoy working on maths problems. Maths Circles and Eureka Days both provide excellent opportunities for this.

Maths Circles   

Maths Circles are an excellent way to develop our young mathematicians by starting these students on their journey to become the best mathematicians of the future.  

Maths Circles are for groups of 6 pupils from years 7 or 8 to engage with challenging and fun maths problems with a mentor. This is a long-term programme. Ideally students will remain involved for 5 years, going on an exciting journey to become articulate and adventurous mathematicians. The programme aims to help young people develop the mindset of high-level mathematicians, to have the ability to talk about maths like graduate mathematicians, to enjoy solving large complex problems and to do this collaboratively.  

The whole programme has been put together by MEMSE, a charity committed to developing young people as mathematicians. MEMSE sees this as a way of providing a route to social mobility and leading young people to enjoyable and successful careers. They have developed excellent resources and support for mentors to ensure all students are challenged in a supportive and fun environment.  

Further information about Maths Circles can be found here. 

If you are a state school in the East of England, we can help you set up Maths Circles to give your students the boost they need to really love maths and excel. If you would like to get involved, please contact  

If you are in another part of the country, we can help you to find one of our Maths Circles partners in your area. 

Eureka Days

Each year Cambridge Maths School run Eureka Days; days of exciting, fun maths related talks and activities.  

This year we are planning a Eureka day for Year 10 on Thursday 28th March and for Year 9 on Thursday 18th of April.

We will be joined by NRICH who will be Thinking Mathematically with the students. 

Eureka DaysIn this highly interactive session members of the NRICH team will share a few of their favourite mathematical problems. Come prepared to explore, explain and generalise, and discover that everyone can enjoy thinking mathematically. Problems will be selected from the popular NRICH collections https://nrich.maths.org/mathematically

AMSP and Cavendish Labs are planning their activities, details to follow soon.  


Further Information

Schools can request places for students using the links below:  

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