The Cambridge Maths School is more than its pupils and teachers.

We are committed to nurturing mathematical and scientific potential across the region. We aim to provide students from all backgrounds with the tools, confidence and opportunities to achieve their academic potential. Our outreach activities are free.

The outreach plan covers three key themes – activities that stretch and challenge students, activities that support teachers to deliver high outcomes from across the region and support for activities delivered by other providers.

Year 7-11 Widening participation classes 

These classes will be held for under represented groups (in particular disadvantaged) of young people who have the potential to excel in Mathematics. The aim will be to prepare them to access A level Maths through a combination of raising aspirations, building resilience, enabling them to become ambitious problem solvers and instilling a love of mathematics.

Teacher CPD – Maths forum

These termly events are aimed at all teachers of mathematics. The participants (who may deliver sessions) themselves will drive the agenda for these forums, there may be a speaker from Cambridge University, and they may be run by the CMS team.

Deliver Teacher CPD 

Teachers will have the opportunity to develop their subject knowledge and pedagogy. Teachers will be encouraged to develop their understanding of how mathematics is linked and how to capitalise on those connections in order to develop student understanding, fluency and problem solving skills. The course will consist of 6 ‘input’ sessions followed by visits to them in their own settings where they will be given feedback on how further develop and refine their approach.

In collaboration with local providers such as MathsHub and AMSP.

CMS will host admissions talks

Cambridge University admissions tutors and will be able to access high quality guidance to support students in choosing aspirational undergraduate courses.

Stretch and Challenge Diagram

Supporting the wider community

We intend to become a hub where any organisation that wants to deliver Maths and Physics based programmes can use the facilities. Here are some examples of what these might look like, but there could be many more:

Outreach diagram

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