Cambridge Maths School Careers provides guidance on diverse career paths, emphasizing adaptability in a changing world. The program offers structured guidance, STEM focus, university and apprenticeship opportunities, and various resources.

Careers Leader: Susan Hutchinson

An outline of some of the activities that our students can expect to engage with during their time at CMS can be seen on our Careers and progressions timeline

Our philosophy 

Working out what your next steps are and finding a career can be challenging. Many people struggle to find what it is that will make them feel fulfilled in their future careers. At CMS we want to help you to explore some options and we also want you to be aware that your career will evolve as you progress during your working life. You don’t have to have all the answers at the start of your journey. Following the things you enjoy will lead you to the right career.

The world of work is evolving, and we want to equip you to be adaptable and innovative to prepare you for our changing world. Our curriculum and careers plan will do just that. We will work with our university and corporate partners to show you possibilities and interesting fields that you could be part of one day. Getting into the most interesting work is competitive but you should be confident, as a Cambridge Maths School student, that you can aim for the field that interests you the most and that you have the capacity to get there.

We will have a structured career programme delivered both outside and interwoven through our lessons. We will have a series of talks and lectures by mathematicians and scientists who will talk about their work and how they reached their chosen careers.

Our careers guidance will inevitably have a STEM focus and we would expect most of our students to go on to study at some of the best universities. It is not all about university however and some students may choose other pathways into interesting and exciting work. We will help you to explore alternatives such as Apprenticeship Degree programmes.

Heading to University 

Students will apply to university through the University and Colleges Application Service (UCAS).  


Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships

Degree level apprenticeships have grown in popularity in recent years.  

Applications for apprenticeships are normally directly to companies/providers. Students are able to apply to traditional university courses (via UCAS) and Apprenticeships simultaneously. They will make their final decision when they receive their A level results.  

Companies and providers have their own application windows during year 13. These differ between providers and from one year to the next.  For example, Dyson’s degree apprenticeship Companies and providers have their own application windows during year 13. These differ between providers and from one year to the next.   We will share opportunities we receive, but students will still need to be proactive in seeking out this information and expressing interest with companies directly.  

A few examples of higher and degree level apprenticeships that our students might find relevant: 


Further links for students and parents 

A good place to start researching possible careers paths is online, here are some websites to get you started:  

Exploring Your Options  

Work Experience (In Person or Remote)

An increasing number of organisations are creating virtual work experiences and using platforms to run them, such as:  

Study Abroad

    a guide to American universities including the application process. 
    a guide to applying to universities in Europe.

Other Alternatives and Additional Resources 


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