A Unique Curriculum

Our vision is to establish a dynamic school, built around the needs of young people with an exceptional attitude and aptitude for mathematics.

We will:

Nurture passion

Cambridge Maths School will stimulate students’ passion for mathematics through an extraordinary curriculum that connects ideas, develops a nimbleness of thought, and motivates and excites young people. Students will develop mathematical maturity from sustained exposure to high-level mathematical concepts, enabling them to abstract; make connections across topics; identify the crux of an argument; synthesise concepts and varied mathematical approaches: all in a bid to solve genuinely complex problems.

Encourage curiosity

An investigative approach to learning, where students are offered sufficient, not exhaustive, training in new skills, concepts and approaches will develop students’ creativity, allowing them to make connections between different mathematical ideas. Students will become flexible mathematicians, where they develop the ability to pull together concepts from different areas of mathematics covering a broad and rich curriculum that prepares them for further studies in pure and applied mathematics.

Shape future leaders

Cambridge Maths School alumni will go on to be leaders in the fields of mathematics and science, making a difference in society both nationally and globally. CMS alumni will tackle the greatest challenges facing the world today: working at the cutting edge of global research seeking solutions to issues such as tackling climate change, preparing for future pandemics and creating sustainable economies. CMS alumni will be world leaders in their fields.

Our Curriculum

All students will study A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics and will then choose one or two other subjects from:

Extended Curriculum

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