Biological sciences enable us to understand life in all its forms.

A level Biology at Cambridge Mathematics School will cover a wide range of themes. You will begin by developing an appreciation of the complex and complementary biological processes taking place in every living cell that allow for effective gas exchange, energy transfer, transport and regulation of the internal environment.

As the biology curriculum broadens, you will learn to value the hugely significant role life sciences can play in improving the world.

You will consider the interdependence of organisms in ecosystems, the importance of biodiversity, communicable and non-communicable disease, genetics and the origin of the species.

As with all the sciences, biology is a practical subject and practical work will be at the heart of course, delivered in purpose built biology laboratories.

By studying biology alongside mathematics, you will be better prepared for further study, careers and research in biological sciences which often rely heavily on mathematical principles. Studying biology will improve your capacity to problem solve and analyse experimental data effectively.

The combination of knowledge and skills developed during the course will open the door to the many and varied opportunities life sciences have to offer in tomorrow’s world.

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