The chemical sciences enable us to make sense of the behaviour of materials as we see them in everyday life through understanding the behaviour of particles at the nanoscale.

Our A level course has a heavy practical emphasis with state of the art laboratory facilities allowing you to carry out a wide range of practical activities from distillation to spectroscopy, titrations to electrochemistry: you will have abundant opportunities to do hands-on chemistry.

The course will give you a comprehensive introduction to organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. As you develop a more detailed understanding of atomic structure and chemical bonding, you will be able to demonstrate a range of competencies allowing you to, for example, devise complicated multi-step syntheses, precisely control the rate of chemical reactions or develop a buffer solution for controlling the pH of an acid.

The chemical sciences have a major significance in our everyday lives. You will gain an appreciation of the diverse roles chemistry plays in areas such as agriculture, the petrochemical industry, photographic materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, textiles, computer chips and many more. Studying chemistry alongside maths at CMS will give you a fantastic spring board to studying chemistry at university and contribute to future developments in the subject.   

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