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Consultation closes 29th July 2022

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  • New Specialist Maths school located in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 
  • Opening under the Eastern Learning Alliance 
  • Consultation closes 29th July 2022 

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Eastern Learning Alliance intends to open a new free school, Cambridge Maths School, a specialist sixth form centre catering for students across the whole of East Anglia.  This consultation provides information on the project and requests you share your views with us.  It can be completed online by going to our website or following the link  Alternatively you can fill out this paper copy and return by post to the details at the end of this document.  This document provides an overview of the project – further information regarding the school is available via the school website.  A public consultation will be held to enable interested stakeholders the opportunity to find out more about the proposed school.

The Cambridge Maths School (CMS) is set to open in September 2023 under the Eastern Learning Alliance, a Multi Academy Trust that is currently comprised of Impington Village College, Chesterton Community College, Witchford Village College, Downham Market Academy, The Cavendish School and Girton Glebe Primary School. 

Opening in the centre of Cambridge, and developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Maths School will be a specialist sixth form with a focus on pioneering learning and increasing diversity in the field of maths.   CMS will welcome 16- to 19-year-old A-Level students from across the East of England and aims to attract more female students into maths subjects, more students from minority ethnic groups, and more students from socially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, than is usually the case.  

CMS will provide the unique educational environment that young people wishing to develop in the field of mathematics will need to thrive and succeed.  Our vision is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students can enjoy learning, achieve their potential and develop the key skills they need. 

Eastern Learning Alliance (ELA) – a multi-academy trust with schools across Cambridgeshire and East Anglia – will run the Cambridge Mathematics School, in collaboration with the University and its Faculty of Mathematics. All students will study maths and further maths, and then choose from physics, chemistry, biology or computer science A-Levels. The School will join a growing nationwide network of maths schools, one for every region of England, announced by the government.

The school will open in an existing language school site on Mill Road with excellent transport links into the city from across the whole of East Anglia.

Our mission is to help prepare more of our most mathematically able students to succeed in mathematical disciplines at top universities and pursue mathematically intensive careers. 

Our vision is to stimulate students’ passion for mathematics through an extraordinary curriculum and outreach programme that connects ideas, develops a nimbleness of thought, and motivates and excites young people. Students will develop mathematical maturity from sustained exposure to high-level mathematical concepts, enabling them to abstract; make connections across topics; identify the crux of an argument; synthesise concepts and varied mathematical approaches and all in a bid to solve genuinely complex problems.

Maths Schools have a broad vision that extends far beyond the students who attend every day. Outreach has a huge importance and we will work with young people across the city, and beyond, to nurture, develop, inspire and enthuse young people to identify themselves as mathematicians and scientists. Too few ‘A-Level ready’ young people in the East of England embark on academic post-16 study in mathematics and sciences. We will focus on young people who may not see themselves in this way and for whom disadvantage runs through every generation of their families. Our extensive and sustained outreach work will begin at primary level and extend to those making post-16 decisions in secondary schools across the region. Outreach will both stretch and challenge students as well as support teachers to deliver high outcomes in schools and areas with high levels of disadvantaged students.

We are proud that we will be joining an already established and growing network of Maths Schools, one for every region of the country, to help prepare more of the UK’s most mathematically able students to succeed in mathematical disciplines at top universities, and begin to address the UK’s skills shortage in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) subjects.  The school will offer a new and innovative approach to learning A-Level maths, and associated subjects, and help young people manage the transition to degree-level mathematics and science.  

The CMS curriculum will seek to:

Encourage curiosity  

An investigative approach to learning, where students are offered sufficient but not exhaustive, training in new skills, concepts and approaches which will develop their creativity, allowing them to make connections between different mathematical ideas. Students will become flexible mathematicians, developing the ability to pull together concepts from different areas of mathematics covering a broad and rich curriculum that prepares them for further studies in both pure and applied mathematics.  

Shape future leaders

Cambridge Maths School alumni will go on to be leaders in the fields of mathematics and science, making a difference in society both nationally and globally. CMS alumni will tackle the greatest challenges facing the world today: working at the cutting edge of global research seeking solutions to issues such as tackling climate change, preparing for future pandemics and creating sustainable economies. 

As well as bringing together a community of the region’s top-performing maths pupils to study an enhanced curriculum in Cambridge, CMS will work with students across the whole of East Anglia as part of an extensive outreach programme, sharing tools and knowledge, and nurturing mathematical and scientific potential.

An initial site for the school has been identified on Mill Road in the centre of Cambridge. This is a repurposed language school, with science labs added to the already well-established school. The school will be open to 80 students across years 12 and 13. 

It is the intention to eventually secure a larger site for the school to allow for up to 200 students.  This site will also be in central Cambridge with similar excellent transport connections.  Details will be made available as soon a suitable site has been secured.

As the building is already an established school, it is anticipated that there will no additional impact on local homes and businesses.  Young people will support the local cafes and shops as we will not have any catering facilities on site.  Our students will provide service to the community through voluntary programmes, adding to the already rich and diverse culture of Mill Road. The school will benefit local schools via the outreach programme and contribute to the development of the next generation of maths and science teachers to work in the local region.

Because CMS is a sixth form school, students will travel to the school in the same way they would be expected to travel to any other post-sixteen provision they would otherwise choose to attend.  The location of the school provides excellent transport links for students travelling to the CMS from across the whole of East Anglia, being only 5 minutes from the Cambridge Station, and so students and staff will be expected to travel by public transport, cycling or walking and will not add any traffic to the area.

The skills shortage in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) subjects has been identified both by employers and by the government, CMS will be part of a group of schools across the country that have been developed with the express aim of preparing young people to be able to succeed in these fields.  

Students who are most mathematically able will be able to apply for a place at CMS.  

You can access a full copy of the admissions document at

You can also access further details of our school and curriculum at

Appropriate support will be in place for those students with EHCP’s and identified SEND to ensure that all students who attend CMS achieve their potential.  CMS will be fully accessible for all students.

It is our intention to open CMS in the 2023/2024 academic year and your opinions count. 

In 2016, the DfE approved the trust’s application to open a Free School.

As part of this planning process we have a legal obligation to consult interested parties on whether the Secretary of State should sign a funding agreement with Eastern Learning Alliance which will enable the Cambridge Maths School to open.

The Funding Agreement is a contract that details key aspects of the Trust’s responsibilities and how the school must function, such as how it abides by the Admissions Code. It also outlines the circumstances in which the Secretary of State can intervene should the school’s performance be considered unacceptable.  

An example of a model funding agreement can be found at: 

There will be two public consultation events to which you are invited to find out more information about the school and meet members of the school team.  

  • Wednesday 22nd June, 4pm-7pm
    The Old School Hall, St Barnabas Church, Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BD

  • Wednesday 13th July, 4pm-7pm
    Assembly Hall, Downham Market Academy, Bexwell Road, Downham Market Academy, Norfolk, PE38 9LL

Please visit where you can complete the consultation survey online.  

Alternatively, if you do not have access to a computer or the internet you can complete the paper survey below and post it back to Jenna Bickley, Eastern Learning Alliance, New Road, Impington, CB24 9LY

Where will the school be located?

119 Mill Road

Cambridge Maths School Public Consultation survey

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